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Our mission statement

Dutch Field Hockey Drills was founded to meet the demand of many hockey trainers to be provided with better coaching support. Experience at several clubs has taught us that the offer is often far too expensive, sparse, unclearly described and not easy to use. As hockey enthusiasts and experience experts we have joined forces to change this. Our mission is to provide all hockey trainers with a cheap and wide range of quality hockey drills in a user-friendly and universally usable database.

As a trainer you want to have enough variation in the drills so that the sessions remain interesting and fun for the players. Several studies indicate that variation in exercise material makes children learn the material sooner. We therefore provide a wide range of field hockey drills for all ages. All exercises have a clear description with simple steps.

In addition, all exercises can be consulted anywhere. Save your favourite drills at home and then use them on the hockey field with the progressive web app. All exercises can also be sent with the integrated WhatsApp module or e-mail.

We believe that everything should be affordable and accessible to all hockey coaches and clubs. That's why we offer our wide range at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

If you would like to view our offer, you can use our one month trial period or you can view our free drills.

We wish you a lot of fun training!